Brussels Supports Active Mobility!

We would like to share POLIS Networks’ report about adapting legislation to ease the building of light bike lanes by the City of Brussels.

In 2020, Brussels Capital Region built 40 km of temporary bike lanes which support active mobility because of the COVID-19 confinement. As a result of these bike lanes, it can be said that an increase in the overall number of cyclists since May 2020. People in Belgium know how important to live actively for their health. This required a legal adaptation for these bike lanes as well. Now, thanks to POLIS, we are happy to announce that it is official!

“Brussels needs speed and efficiency. These simplified procedures will make life easier for many of the city’s residents.”

Pascal Smet, Brussels State Secretary for Town Planning


These words support that building new bike lanes in Brussels is much easier now by the relaxation of permit requirements. It also means that after the approval of a series of decrees on urban planning exemptions and permits of limited duration, marked cycle paths with soft bollards on municipal roads can now be built without requiring a license as well as removing a parking strip to construct a new cycle path. As citizens who have a sustainable mindset, these moves are what we exactly need right now to have livable cities for the future.

Brussels urban planning is rising!
A large part of Brussels urban planning in social projects, housing, insulation, and outdoor & public spaces are re-designing by the government to create a more sustainable, healthy, and livable neighborhood. Now, Brussels is also rising in urban development like other innovative and sustainable cities – Vienna, Berlin, and Los Angeles. We also recommend our previous article about the Proposal Ordinance For Being Zero-Carbon For All New Buildings in Los Angeles if you are interested in the development of sustainable cities.

To learn more, please visit the original report created by POLIS Network:

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