Christmas and Solar Power?

Solar systems on huts at the Zurich Christmas Market


We are very pleased that Katja Weber and Dominic Lanz, as operators of Christmas markets, are thinking about how they can be run more sustainably. After all, the Christmas markets consume an enormous amount of electricity in just a few weeks. A lively discussion ensued and we agreed to install a test system with 32 light/flexible solar modules from Verditek with a little over 10 kWp installed power on the Christmas huts that consume the most electricity.

Christoph Koller from the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences immediately agreed to support this project. There was not much time left and together we worked out the electrical design and arranged for the immediate ordering of light/flexible solar modules, which were delivered quickly.

The ZHAW, under the direction of Christoph Koller, arranged for the provision of inverters and a power storage unit. The dedicated team from Schöne Bescherung AG helped with the installation. In order to be able to use the modules elsewhere after the end of the Christmas market, they were stretched on a light wooden frame.

Acceptance also took place promptly and the 16 solar systems, each with 2 modules, now function as a test laboratory. Next spring we will report on the results and further use of the modules in gastronomic businesses.

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