Proposal Ordinance for Being Zero-Carbon for All New Buildings in LA

Great News from LA: Proposal of Ordinance for Being Zero-Carbon for All New Buildings

We are happy to inform you that Nithya Raman, the Councilwoman of Los Angeles City, has announced their plans for a proposed ordinance that would require all new construction buildings in LA to be zero-carbon. She continued her words with the fact that the construction sector in Los Angeles was responsible for 43% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions which was over than any other sector in LA.

As sustainability enthusiasts, we are in search of the environmental effects of outsources in both positive and negative ways to create sustainable buildings. That’s why it is highly important for us to see this type of action from environmentally friendly cities worldwide. Please also note that Los Angeles also aims to achieve transitions to 100% renewable energy by 2035 with a plan called “LA100”.

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LA100: The Los Angeles 100% Renewable Energy Study

Mitch O’Farrell who chairs the City Council’s Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and River Committee made some explanation and emphasize the importance of the LA100 Plan with his words:

“Building energy decarbonization is an important component of our ‘LA100’ plan, which is transitioning Los Angeles away from dirty energy and will achieve 100% carbon-free energy in the City by 2035. A carbon-free future, rooted in equity and sustainability, is what Angelinos want, what our planet needs and what we are moving toward with relentless focus and a sense of urgency.”

According to the integrated engineering-economic analysis of NREL (The National Renewable Energy Laboratory) through LA100 Plan, the results show that it is achievable to meet the goals of reliable, 100% renewable electricity by 2045 – or even 2035 with the Plan. This will also require the rapid deployment of wind, solar, and storage technologies in the next 10 years, mentioned by NREL.

It is a fact that problems such as rising temperatures, dangerous wildfires, droughts, extreme heat in cities are the biggest threat for our today and the future and it also causes disastrous experiences every year. Therefore, it is critically important to take immediate action to save Earth from the worst effects of climate change all together.




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