None of us are perfect. But we are working hard to be on a good sustainable path. We reflect on our actions and always try to improve our actions. If we can achieve 80% sustainability, both individually and corporately, and if we give back more than we receive through our work, then we will believe that we have done well.

Social Entrepreneurship

Nature is us – and we are nature! So the less we harm nature and the more we give it, the better for us because we are a part of it. Now, we relate this philosophy to our planet earth. In terms of social entrepreneurship, we see our company as an organism that needs to be strengthened in a sustainable manner. The stronger we become, the more we can give back to the earth and our fellow human beings. For us, financial success is just one important factor in fulfilling our mission to create a better world with all of you. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to aid and environmental projects all around the world to help people, children, animals, and nature by observing ethical values and happiness.

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Below you will find our aid and environmental projects we support with solar energy and BIPV as much as possible.

We would be happy to learn from you!

If you have words to share with us about aid & environmental projects to be supported, please fill the form or contact us via our e-mail address.