BIPV: Semi-transparent Solar Modules

The field of semi-transparent solar modules and solutions for integration in buildings is becoming increasingly exciting.

Not only because there are more and more realized projects that have been beautifully applied and integrated into the architecture, but also because the production technologies are advancing. A few years ago, mainly semi-transparent modules were produced with standard cells. This has now changed and different sizes and shapes of solar cells are offered in semi-transparent glass/glass modules. But that is by no means all! In the meantime, solar cells are even arranged individually in the modules according to specifications in order to create free space for the mounting areas. Currently, even modules are on the way to certification and thus industrialization, whose transparency can be varied between 15% and 70%. Our entire solar architecture team can hardly wait to create appealing solutions with these modules.

However, we are particularly excited about modern building-integrated solar solutions that meet historic buildings and modern architecture in which dome-shaped solar modules made of safety glass are integrated

Filip Dujardin © Neutelings Riedijk Architects

This special area of BIPV is becoming more multi-faceted and the selection much wider due to several manufacturers. Feel free to ask us if you are looking for an attractive solution for a current project. We will be happy to inspire you with a wide variety of approaches. Of course, we create also own Concept Design (for real projects) and Solution Designs (own new solutions) with our team of architects. Following 2 examples with semi-transparent solar modules:

Concept Design: Solar Swimming Hall Design in Kuwait

In this concept design for a private villa in Kuwait, we preferred using semi-transparent solar panels in the skylight and windows of the swimming hall specifically designed for the homeowner. With this design, a total of 13.04 kWp installed power (Southeast /South/Southwest direction) is produced by semi-transparent solar modules in a 113 sqm solar area. In addition to energy production, this option provides privacy for the landlords and protects them while swimming from the extreme heat and sunlight of the Middle East. As you see, solar modules are not only for generating electricity but they can also be used effectively in various purposes.

bipvloft - just solar architecture©
bipvloft – just solar architecture© Concept Design in Kuwait

Solution Design: Special Soular© Solutions by bipvloft

This Solution Design for the winter garden is a part of our Soular Residence© with 43 villas. The concept was architecturally built entirely around the aesthetic integration of solar modules. The result is an invisible “beautiful” solar power plant of 3.4 MWp that produces much more electricity than is needed for all households with 2 eSportcars (annual 20,000 km). This is wonderful and should be included in sustainable architecture in the future.

Using the latest eMobility infrastructure and sophisticated control systems, even the eSportcars become electricity storage units for the night and also serve as a tool for balancing the entire system.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

bipv-BIPV-solar architecture
bipvloft – just solar architecture© Solution Design
bipvloft - just solar architecture© Solution Design
bipvloft – just solar architecture© Solution Design

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