Villa Estate

Number of Villas:


Total Solar Area:

1.81 ha (Residences = 14,255 sqm + Solar Carports = 2,194 sqm + Guest Carports = 1,650 sqm)

Total Number of panels:

11,076 (Residences: 7,396 pcs + Solar Carport: 2,064 pcs + Solar Guest Carport: 1,616 pcs)

Panel Technology:

Residences' Rooftops&Façades: Monocrystalline PV Modules with coloured glass
Residences' Winter Gardens: Semi-Transparent Panels (Monocrystalline, high efficiency, 49% transparency)
Residences' Carports: CIGS Thin-film modules coloured panels
Guest Carports: CIGS Thin-film modules coloured panels + Semi-Transparent Panels (Monocrystalline, high efficiency, 49% transparency)

Total Installed Power:

3.2 MWp (Residences= 2,694.81 kWp + Solar Carports= 309.6 kWp + Solar Guest Carports= 222.94 kWp)

Soular© Residences in Northern Region

This type of Soular© Residences is designed for a community that wants to live sustainably and produce some of their own fruit & vegetables. With all the current technological innovations, it is time to design residences with villas or apartment blocks that produce much more energy than is consumed in the buildings.

We believe that this is possible even in hot regions such as the Middle East, although cooling buildings requires about 20% more energy than heating them.

Our initial focus is on solar energy, using architectural principles to produce more solar power than the occupants in the building will ever use. The excess energy can be stored in electricity storage units and optimally used for e-vehicles when needed.

Through the large solar carports at the edge of the Soular© Residences complex, vehicles can be charged by visitors. Surplus electricity from the entire housing complex can be fed into the grid and sold to surrounding neighbors via special platforms. This in turn can finance part of the apportionment costs.

The next step will be to look at sustainable building materials and efficient air conditioning for the buildings. After that, we will look at avoiding emissions in the daily lives of the residents and growing fruit and vegetables without this becoming exhausting and time-consuming for the residents.