Solar mandatory on new buildings in Berlin from 2023

With the new law that will come into force in 2023, a photovoltaic system with at least 30% will be required on the roofs of new buildings in Berlin, the capital of Germany. In addition to new buildings to be built, the new law called “the Berlin Solar Act” will also be mandatory for large-scale applications on the roofs of existing buildings.


The photovoltaic systems must cover at least 30% of the roof area. Alternatively, various minimum requirements have been defined for residential buildings: Photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 2 kW must be installed for a maximum of two apartments, 3 kW systems for residential buildings with three to five apartments, and 6 kW systems for six to 10 apartments.

PV Magazine


We would also like to point out that those who violate the PV application law will be penalized. So much so that the amount that families who violate the PV requirements have to pay due to the penalty varies from 5000 € to 25.000 €.


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