Building Type:

Private Buildings

Total Solar Area:

579.53 sqm (Rooftop: 252 sqm + West&East Façade: 72.5 sqm + Curtain Wall: 204 sqm + Carport: 51.03 sqm (Dim: 6.3m x 8.1m))

Total Number of panels:

318 pcs (Rooftop: 156, East&West Façade: 84, Curtain Wall: 30, Carport: 48)

Panel Technology:

Rooftop, Façades & Curtain Wall: Monocrystalline PV Modules with coloured glass
Carport: CIGS Thin-film modules coloured panels

Total Installed Power:

52.19 kWp (Rooftop: 29.99 kWp, East&West Façade: 8.4 kWp, Curtain Wall: 6.6 kWp, Carport: 7.2 kWp)

Soular© Middle East Villa

Soular© Middle East Villa model was developed for the optimal use of solar energy with a southern orientation in regions with high temperatures such as the Middle East. Clinker-colored solar modules were integrated on the roof.

In addition, a curtain wall with white solar modules was designed to better protect the building from heat. White solar modules were also integrated into the upper sections of the façades in an east-west orientation. The solar carport is covered with 32 colored solar modules.

In this region, the Soular© Middle East Villa model can thus generate about 74,000 kWh of electricity and thus cover the electricity demand for a modern air conditioning system, household electricity, and 2 high-quality electric vehicles, each running at 20,000 km/yr.

Electric vehicles such as the Mercedes EQC 400 AMG Line and the Jaguar i-Pace EV 400 S AWD consume just under 28 kWh/100 km according to ADAC tests.