Soular©Honeycomb Carport XXL

Soular©Honeycomb model was derived from special shapes from nature. With a size of 57 x 18 meters and 56 x 17 meters, 38 vehicles can be parked and charged with electricity under the Honeycomb carport.

For the Soular©Honeycomb Carport model, we are planning several variants with different sizes of honeycomb in order to integrate as many solar modules as possible and to waste as little space as possible on the side edges.

Depending on the BIPV modules and design, an output of at least 33.80 kWp can be installed for Soular©Honeycomb Carport. From a total of 322 modules, materials such as glass, AluCobond or stretch metal can be used for the edge areas, or 300.4 sqm tailor-made modules can be installed, which increases the installed power to at least 92.70 kWp.


56m x 17m

Number of cars:


Type of panels:

Avancis SKALA PowerMax (Dimension: 1587mm x 664mm, Area: 1.05 sqm, CIGS Thin-film modules coloured panels) - first option
SUNMAN Flexible eArc 144 Half Cell Monocrystalline module (Dimension: 2120mm x 1046mm, Area: 2.2sqm) - second option
ERTEX Semi-Transparent panels mono-crystalline module, high efficiency, 49% transparency - third option

Total Number of panels:

up to 322 pcs

Total Installed Power:

92.7 kWp (First solar carport option with side)
66.20 kWp (Second solar carport option without side, covered with flexible panels)
33.80 kWp (Third solar carport option without side, covered with semi-transparent panels)