25m x 13m



Number of cars:

5 cars + 2 motor bikes

Total Number of panels:

275 pcs for high solar carport
160 pcs for low solar carport

Panel Technology:

Flexible Solar Panels (Monocrystalline Cells)

Total Installed Power:

46.75 kWp for high solar carport
27.20 kWp for low solar carport

Soular©Curve Carport

Soular©Curve Carport model was designed by us for parking spaces with an east-west orientation. The solar roof of the Soular©Curve Carport can be individually designed in terms of inclination, as lightweight, flexible solar modules were used. The solar carport is 25.00 meters long and 13.00 meters wide. There is space for 5 e-cars and 2 e-bikes underneath.

Due to the low weight of the modules, the Soular©Curve Carport can be built in lightweight construction. For this purpose, small U-steel profiles should be built around the solar carport so that no direct contact can occur between the vehicles and the carport.

The solar modules used have a lower output (Wp/sqm), but they are one of the most sustainable solar modules you can find. This is optimal for customers who focus on the sustainability of a solution. Accordingly, we also start with material research to be able to implement the entire solar carport as sustainably as possible. 

We have the ambition to develop solar carports with the most sustainable materials possible and to equip them with the latest photovoltaic technologies state of the art. All models can also be optimally installed in large car parks with a large number of charging stations and electricity storage units. Our product partners ensure optimal energy management with their technologies.