Building Type:

Industrial Buildings

Total Solar Area:

9,859.04 sqm (Rooftop= 7,200 sqm + Canopy= 2,080 sqm + Façade= 235.84 sqm + SoularCarport= 343.2)

Total Number of panels:

4,831 pcs (Rooftop= 3,335 pcs + Canopy= 924 pcs + Façade= 242 pcs + SoularStep Carports= 330 pcs)

Panel Technology:

Rooftop and canopy: High-Efficiency Mono PERC Solar Modules + Semi-Transparent Panels (Monocrystalline, high efficiency, 49% transparency)
Solar Façade: Monocrystalline PV Modules with coloured glass

Total Installed Power:

2 MWp (Rooftop= 1,5 MWp + Canopy= 420 kWp + Façade= 45 kWp + SoularStep Carports= 49.5 kWp)

e-Logistic Center East-West Direction

e-Logistic Center East-West Direction is a kind of factory or warehouse model which was designed by us in such a way that a huge part of the energy demand can be covered with an integrated solar system.

Where e-trucks and e-transporters are loaded or unloaded with goods, charging stations were integrated and roofed over so that solar power is also produced on the “terrace roof” / canopy. Thus, a total roof area of 1,800 sqm can be covered with solar modules. In addition, there are solar carports for the employees’ vehicles.

Many people believe that a solar system should always be designed with a southern orientation. However, high energy yields are also possible with an east-west orientation with a low roof pitch, as the roof receives several hours more radiation per day than with a pure south orientation of a photovoltaic system.

On the upper part of the south façade of the e-Logistic Center East-West Direction is colored panels integrated.