Government of Sharjah, Directorate of Public Works


Swarjah, UAE

Solar Panel Type:

PowerMax® SKALA Architectural Module

Total Number of Panels:


Total Installed Power:

261 up to 407,16 kWp

Homa Ladies Park Jogging Court

The new planned Jogging Court at Homa Ladies Park is a walking path project that offers women various activities such as trekking or jogging along the way. To make this possible even in summer, air conditioners are installed that consume a lot of electricity. What would you say that this exercise area, which positively affects both the physical and mental health of people, also produces a large part of its own energy needs thanks to building integrated photovoltaic?

PowerMax® SKALA Architectural Module solar panels by AVANCIS are installed as landscape rotation on the structure what women are jogging under, a total of 2.675 sqm. It also supported the project with solar panels with different color options such as blue, andesite, bronze, and other more…

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