Project collaboration with FORSKA SKA (Foundation)



Solar Panel Type:

PowerMax® SKALA Architectural Module

Total Number of Panels:


Total Installed Power:

215,70 kWp

Energetic Restoration Cooperative Chełmża

A study was requested to ensure energy efficiency within the scope of the Chełmża Cooperative Project in Poland. Thus, an energetic renewal is recommended to significantly reduce energy costs for heat and electricity generation while reducing energy consumption. The complete installation of the facades and the integration of solar modules as facade materials, the replacement of all windows against triple glazing, the installation of the roots and the solar energy systems, and the installation of a cogeneration facility with roof coating technology were presented. With the integration of renewable energy into the project, energy consumption has been reduced and an aesthetic improvement has been visibly achieved thanks to the vivid colors of PowerMax® SKALA solar panels.

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