Private Project Owner


Amman, Jordan

Solar Panel Type:

PowerMax® SKALA Architectural Module

Total Number of Panels:

176 up to 229

Total Installed Power:

23,77 up to 30,92 kWp

Dweikat Villas

Dweikat Villas is a residential project where solar panels are used effectively and the building produces its own energy. With 107 amounts of Powermax solar panels used on the facade of the building, both an active facade and an aesthetic design have been created. Through the project, 14,45 kWp power is produced only from the façade of the building. In addition to the façade, two different alternatives are offered for the roof of the building: In the first rooftop option, a semi-open space where users can spend time is provided with the canopy with 69 amounts solar panels on which produces 9,32 kWp power. In the second rooftop alternative where more panels are used, solar energy is obtained from a large part of the roof by using 122 amounts of panels and by generating 16,47 kWp power.

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