More International Engineering Consulting


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Solar Panel Type:

Coloured and Printed Solar Modules, Flexible Solar Modules, Semi-transparent Solar Modules

Total Number of Panels:

203 pcs of coloured/printed panels, 90 pcs of flexible panels

Total Installed Power:

up to 92,56

Abu Dhabi Villa

With attractive architectural design including solar architecture, Abu Dhabi Villa has a great step toward sustainability! It is most well-known how important sustainability is in the construction sector recently. That's why in our current project which has the original architecture copyrights by More International, the main concern of the investor and us is how to create a more sustainable villa design with the most limitations and restrictions.

Creating a villa that has the capability of generating its own energy as much as an attractive façade design is our main motivation in this concept design process. As solar architects, firstly we detected what was the problem or needs for this project and then decided what kind of solutions we could suggest to our clients. Therefore, our solar concept design for Abu Dhabi Villa has emerged including some aesthetical solar solutions for façades and rooftops as well as rooftop farming opportunities with 92.56 kWp of total installed solar power.

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